political blogger Walt Bennetti joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed:

  • Governor Jindal unveils budget/Chosen to speak at CPAC
  • Louisiana next to bottom in another poll
  • Senator Elbert Guillory pre-files bill to dedicate pot taxes

Discussing Governor Jindal's proposed budget we observed after cutting $100,000 from CODOFIL's budget last year we was proposing a $150,000 increase this year.  According to Bennetti,

Great work from Carencro State Rep. Steven Ortego.  He tried to get more.  I think he was pushing for $500,000 but he did get $150,000 so that's a start.

In addition to the CODOFIL issue Bennetti found the budget interesting for another reason,

He put back a lot of things that he had taken out before.  Putting in $54 million for higher education but as everybody knows higher-ed has lost about $700 million from the budget since 2008...Also $60 million in pay raises for state employees.

We asked Bennetti if he felt the Governor was banking on the forthcoming results of recommendations from a newly contracted consulting firm.  Bennetti replied,

That could be but I was happy that they went in and actually reworked the contract to include figures and the fact that the consulting company won't get their final payment unless they do come up with the $500 million or more in cuts and the cuts are realistic.

You can hear more from Bennetti including comments on Senator Elbert Guillory, the state ranking at the bottom of another list and Governor Jindal being chosen to speak at CPAC by clicking on the blue arrow below to listen to the entire interview:

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