political blogger Walt Bennetti joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed some wacky new laws and the possibility of Edwin Edwards running for the US Congress.

With Former Governor Edwin Edwards not denying or confirming rumors that he might consider running for the Congressional seat being held by Bill Cassidy Bennetti said,

The fact that he's even allowed to run.  Obviously he would need a pardon if he ran for a state office, if he ran for governor or state rep.  The fact that he could run for Congress as a convicted felon is astounding for a lot of people...You wonder if his TV show were still going on if he would be considering running for office because then there would be cameras filming him with bags of money.

When it comes to new laws Bennetti has an interesting concept concerning their enactment.  According to Bennetti,

Fox News over the weekend mentioned that there were 40,000 new laws that took effect on January First.  It's my opinion that anytime a government passes one new law they should repeal at least ten others.  So with 40,000 new laws out there they should repeal at least 400,000 old laws.  I think that would be a good start.

When asked for a few examples of these wacky new laws Bennetti replied,

  • In Colorado, 16 year olds are able to preregister to vote but not able to vote until they are 18.
  • In Oregon new mothers can now leave the hospitals and take their placenta with them.
  • In Illinois police must now undergo training on the psychological and physiological effects of stun guns.  So if they are going to tase someone they actually have to have training before that to learn how that effects the person they're going to tase.  Do they also have to take tests and have training on the psychological and physiological effects of shooting someone with a gun?

You can hear all of Bennetti's comments by clicking on the blue arrow below to listen to the entire interview:

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