Today Walt Bennetti, political blogger from joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and discussed the failure of Obamacare to sign up participants and the apparent rejection of the Common Core Standard in St. Tammany Parish.

In regards to Obamacare Bennetti observed,

Imagine that.  The government not being able to properly roll out a program that they are promoting.  As of the other day there was a story that 12 people actually signed up in Louisiana for Obamacare through the exchanges.  One insurance company didn't have anybody who signed up for any of their plans.

Statements coming out of the Obama Administration are lies according to Bennetti who said,

To hear the President and his people talking 'The system was overwhelmed'.  '7 million people went to the website and tried to sign up'.  That's simply not true.  How many times have you gone into a store when Christmas shopping and walked out without buying anything because you're just comparison shopping....That's what's happening.  All these people are just looking. People are interested obviously if they can save money.  They've been told they're going to save all this money.  It's worse than a GEICO commercial.

The implementation of the Common Core Standard is another program that is facing challenges.  According to Bennetti,

One of the things that hasn't been covered enough is the cost of Common Core.  Everybody talks about what it's going to do and the national standards and pluses and minuses of that.  No one is addressing the cost.  In Jefferson Parish alone, where I live it's going to cost $35 million just for software and computers to be able to tie into the national data base. The Jefferson Parish school system is borrowing money to pay for this $35 million...The Pioneer Foundation projects that over a seven year period it's going to cost state and local school boards $16.8 billion to implement Common Core.  $3 billion in Texas alone.

You can hear all of Bennetti's comments by listening to the interview:

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