political blogger Walt Bennetti joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed:

  • The number of state Democrats is declining
  • Governor Jindal's travels, both nationwide and worldwide
  • Fundraising among Senatorial candidates in Louisiana

Bennetti cited a recent article in the Morning Advocate that noted a decline in the state's registered Democrats.

A decade ago registered Democrats numbered about 56% of all registered voters but that's now down to 47%.  Over 250,000 white voters have left the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party statewide is now a majority black party in terms of voter registration.

There is another interesting trend according to Bennetti,

Louisiana's Hispanic and Asian populations which are booming are now opting for other parties.  Nationwide Hispanics are voting in blocks for Democrats but now they're registering 'no party' in Louisiana.

When we asked what Governor Bobby Jindal hoped to accomplish on his Asian trip Bennetti replied,

The state hopes to create 75,000 new jobs from foreign trade and development.  The Governor is going to meet with about 10 major manufacturing companies in Asia and hopefully try to bring some jobs to Louisiana.

The fund raising for the November 4th Senatorial race is heating up and Bennetti noted,

(Bill) Cassidy has already raised almost as much as John Kennedy raised for his entire 2008 race against Mary Landrieu.

You can hear all of Bennetti's comments by clicking on the blue arrow below to listen to the entire interview:

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