Today Walt Bennetti, political blogger from joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and discussed Louisiana's delay of some aspects of Common Core and Senator Mary Landrieu's recent poll ratings.

Eight states are delaying full implementation of the Common Core Standards including Louisiana.  According to Bennetti,

On Thursday Superintendent of Education John White announced that the state would be delaying some aspects, not all, but some aspects of Common Core for at least two years.  Eight states have already left the PARCC testing consortium and Florida might be next and they would be the biggest.  On Friday Massachusetts halted implementation of Common Core...I think the uprising by the people and the grass roots efforts that's out there with the TEA parties and with other groups that are out there pushing for reforms to Common Core are working.

The Bill and Linda Gates Foundation is a strong proponent of the Common Core Stand but education may not be the only motive.  Bennetti said,

Everyone looks at Bill Gates and the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation as being altruistic and wanting to be involved in education for the betterment of our kids but the point is Bill Gates is involved in software obviously with Microsoft.  There's going to be a huge amount of spending on testing supplies.  I think we talked about the fact that it's going to cost Jefferson Parish $35 million for new computers and software so students will be able to take the tests.  That's just Jefferson Parish alone.

Even though Obamacare is stumbling through the implementation phase Senator Mary Landrieu is staying the course with her support of it.  According to Bennetti Landrieu's poll numbers show growing dissatisfaction with her performance.

51 percent of people in the state say Mary Landrieu is not doing a good job and 54 percent said they would be less likely to vote for her reelection due to her vote on Obamacare.

Bennetti had a lot more to say about Common Core and Senator Landrieu and you can hear all of his comments by clicking below:

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