We all watch the Super Bowl whether we want to admit it or not and even though it is really likely that few of us are watching because our team made it, most of us watch for the ads. I have been watching it for many years for that very purpose and I wanted to share my favorites from over the years. Given that, here is my top 5 from over the years...

  • 1

    Terry Tate Office Linebacker

    Let’s face it. Every office needs an enforcer. Someone who will put the pain on those that don’t make more coffee or take other people’s food. Terry Tate is the one we all want on our side and the one we don’t want coming after us. He ranks as my favorite.

  • 2

    VW Darth Vader Spot

    It has a cute kid, Star Wars and a great premise. What’s not to love?

  • 3

    Betty White Snickers Spot

    It was the rebirth of a classic star of television. Betty White has now become an icon, just simply because she decided to do a fun little ad.

  • 4

    Mean Joe Greene and the Coke

    It’s everything you would ever dream of as a kid. You meet your idol, you give him your coke and now you have a game worn jersey. We all dreamed of being in that moment and let’s face it, we still talk about it.

  • 5

    Apple's 1984

    This is one that was not funny, as most ads were, but it got your attention. Apple introduced the Macintosh to the masses and life has not been the same since. Seems their ad got everyone’s attention.