China is preparing to enter the world’s vaccine market in an effort to lower costs of life saving immunizations for the world’s poor.  In addition to giving Western pharmaceutical companies competition this will cause more concern for the health of everyone.


During the past few years we’ve had recalls of toothpaste, toys, drywall and other products as well as questions about the safety of seafood raise in China.  Why would we think the Chinese could be trusted to produce a safe medical product?

In 2007 Chinese cough syrup killed 93 people in Central America.  In 2008 contaminated blood thinner led to dozens of deaths in America.  Tainted milk powder poisoned hundreds of thousands of Chinese babies and killed six.

An Associated Press report says “each vaccine will be evaluated rigorously, with World Health Organization and Chinese inspectors given access to vaccine plants on top of other safety checks.”  Considering the track record of the Chinese I am sure I want to insure any vaccine I or any family member receives is made in America.  Cost is not a determining factor when it comes to anyone’s health.