NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met with the media today in New York, further proving that he is a fraud.

Goodell danced around any questions of relevance, remaining evasive and arrogant throughout the press conference. He looked more like a clown at a circus than a commissioner for one of the most powerful leagues in the world. (View video of the press conference here)

He maintained that he's been working tirelessly to "get it right".

What exactly has Goodell been doing since his interview with CBS News? What's he been working on since he went into hiding 9 days ago when the AP released a story that a security video of Ray Rice punching his fiance was sent to an NFL Executive back in April, despite Goodell's continued insistence that he never saw the tape until TMZ released on Monday, September 8th?

"We want to get to work immediately," said Goodell.

Work on what? Establishing a conduct committee made up of experts in specific fields. Establish a relationship between a conduct committee and the NFLPA.

Why hasn't he started this process yet? Because he and his PR team have been hunkered down for the last 9 days trying to figure out how to throw water on the firestorm Goodell created with his inexcusable hypocrisy and negligence.

How hypocritical? Incomparably so.

Goodell suspended Saints head coach Sean Payton an entire season with substandard evidence surrounding bountygate, telling him, "Ignorance is no excuse."

Why shouldn't he have to resign or face punishment? When asked on more than one occasion, Goodell's answer was clear.

"Because I acknowledged my mistake," said Goodell.

Excuse me while I vomit.

Coming from a man who players refer to as "dictator", did you really expect anything else?

The truth is, everyone who has been punished by the metaphoric hand of Goodell has acknowledged a mistake, but did so after harsh punishment. Punishment that was, at times, not just.

My friend Dylan summed it up best today with the following text.

"I broke a window, but I'm sorry I broke it. Doesn't that mean the window is fixed?"

If Roger broke the window, his answer would be yes.

Predictably, twitter was full of response from current and former players alike after Goodell's circus press conference. Here are a few that stood out to me.