Somebody at my mortgage holder must have stock in UPS.  Even after we've thrown away countless UPS delivered envelopes they continue to send "Brown" to my doorstep.

I realize that everyone needs a job and my mortgage holder is doing it's share by keeping UPS drivers busy but this is getting ridiculous!  8:00pm some evenings and the doorbell rings.  One of us stops what we're doing and after asking "were you expecting someone?" makes it to the front door.  Not seeing anyone there your first thought is it was a neighborhood prankster.  Then you hear the big brown truck drive away, turn on the light and find the white, glassine cardboard envelope with yet another lower mortgage offer.  Can't the financial wizards in the lending department get together with the people in the shipping department and the application department to determine we are not interested?

Yes, we understand you are offering a lower mortgage rate but we are intelligent enough to figure out that over the period of the loan it will cost us nearly $10,000 more if we except your "limited time offer" you will be offering us again next month.  How many times do we have to ignore the offer or call you to decline the offer before you will stop the deliveries?  I'm sure the cost to deliver these offers is really miniscule in the scheme of things but I'm sure when you add up all the ignored and declined deliveries from others the cost could probably buy another high priced executive vice-president of lending or shipping.

Please stop sending these offers to us.  We feel guilty about all the trees that are being sacrificed in the name of financial betterment.  We will continue to pay off our mortgage at the current rate and you will have to settle for that amount.  As far as the driver and other employees at UPS, I'm sure they will get other deliveries to make up for the income derived from deliveries to my house.

In this case that old axiom "try, try again til you succeed" is not going to work.  We're not refinancing because it is not cost-effective for us, which is a lesson those in government should be taught.  Maybe those in public office should be assigned writing this line on a blackboard five hundred times a day at the start of business: "It's not cost-effective so I'm not going to do it."  Who knows maybe this will sink in and we'll get this economy out of the toilet.