I really live to go to the movies, and last weekend's premiere of "Scream 4" didn't totally bore me, so I am heading back the theatre for some more movie entertainment this weekend, but dudes, I have to be honest.......it's kinda all about the chick flicks for me this weekend. I never read Sara Gruen's novel, "Water For Elephants" but the trailers have me hooked.

I am being lured into seeing this movie because of the beautiful pictures, the trailers giving a tease of "Moulin Rouge"-type costumes and a love story that going to break my heart! My husband, as is natural, offered me his handkerchief, and a promise that he would be grilling in the front yard when I get home. So it's me, my sister and my niece that plan to represent for women who love to "fall in love" at the movies and get our hearts smashed to smithereens! The plot of "Water For Elephants", I am told, is about a veterinary doctor-in-training who joins the circus during the Great Depression and falls for the beautiful Marlena who is bound in marriage to the very controlling August. I can't wait to have my heart broken by this PG-13 movie. Bring on the popcorn!

Another movie that has attracted my attention is Disney's "African Cats". What the heck could be cuter than a momma lion taking care of, and raising her cubs! The documentary, narrated by my favorite Samuel L. Jackson, will provide beautiful scenery of the African savanna. The film also features an original song called "The World I Knew." The track is performed by season six "American Idol" winner Jordin Sparks. It's rated G, so load up the car!!

My niece is going to talk me into going to see "Big Happy Family", and it won't be very hard to do because I love Tyler Perry. Perry takes you on a comedy journey have the time, and a gut-wrenching walk the other half, but he hits the heart. This is the film version of his play "Madea's Big Happy Family" to the big screen. It's PG-13, and I can't wait!