U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana accused President Barack Obama Tuesday morning of circumventing written law by issuing executive orders to postpone the implementation of the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act for medium-sized businesses.

The Obama administration on Monday gave employers at medium-sized businesses until 2016 to begin offering health insurance policies to their employees.

The President clearly is pushing the envelope on what he can do.

"It's a law. You're supposed to enforce a law," Cassidy said. "And if you don't like a law, you go back to Congress to change it. We don't have a king who just kind of unilaterally pins over something and brings it over at another date."

Cassidy also criticized the administration  for not helping employees whom he said would continue to get penalized "even though they removed the source of insurance that the employee thought she was going to get. I don't like it on multiple levels."

Obama would not be held liable for the delay, though, because he would receive "cover" from the Senate which is controlled by Democrats.

"The President clearly is pushing the envelope on what he can do," Cassidy said. "So they've really set it up right now so the president can get away with, enabled...by the Democratic Senate...That's just how the historians are going to record this."

Flood Insurance

The 'Cassidy Amendment' to the federal spending bill would prevent FEMA from spending money to create new flood maps, Cassidy said. The issue with the FEMA flood maps ignore those levees that were not certified by the Army Corps. of Engineers, even though they have been proven to prevent flooding.

Cassidy said the federal agency is issuing flood maps without the guidance of the National Academy of Science. FEMA is supposed to go to the academy to create a method to take into account such structures, such as non-certified levees and flood pumps.

"Jefferson Parish has flood pumps the federal government paid for but we're not getting credit for," Cassidy said. "FEMA is...rushing on one end and incredibly slow and late on the other."

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