A measure that would prohibit the use of tobacco products anywhere on a public or private school campus is scheduled to be heard in the House Education Committee today. West Monroe Representative Frank Hoffman says in the 90’s, Louisiana made it illegal to smoke in schools, but this legislation will expand on that law.

“It’s not just buildings now, but all of the school property that will not allow smoking.”

Hoffman says there will be some exceptions to the bill, like churches or other non-educational buildings. But the West Monroe legislator says measure also includes e-cigarettes and similar devices.

“And it also will exclude the use of these products while transporting students on buses or other vehicles.”

Hoffman says the proposed law allows you to bring cigarettes or tobacco on a school campus, but you would not able to smoke or chew tobacco. He says the use of smoking cessation products on the property would be allowed under the measure.

“If that product has been approved for use by the United States Drug and Food Administration, that’s for people who are trying to stop and have these smoking cessation products and that would be allowed.”