A bill that would place political robocalls on the "Do Not Call" list failed to pass in the Louisiana House Commerce Committee Tuesday.

Representative Cameron Henry is the author of the bill. He argued his constituents constantly complained about getting the pre-recorded calls when they don't want them.

But Louisiana House Commerce Committee Chair Representative Erich Ponti says there are federal regulations that contradict the intent of the legislation, meaning it violates FCC regulations. He says states that have passed similar bills are now facing lawsuits.

The bill was defeated by a 11-6 vote and is dead for the session.


Meanwhile, the Louisiana House Civil Law and Procedure Committee has rejected Representative Tony Ligi's attempt to make changes to the state's tort law.

Ligi wanted to reduce the cap in various civil trials that allows those engaged in a lawsuit to request a jury. He wanted to lower the amount to $15,000 and allow defendants and plaintiffs to pay for their own expense at a jury trial. Ligi believes this change would have lowered insurance rates.