The Senate Education Committee votes against a bill that would allow public schools to survey high school students about sexual health. Shreveport Rep. Robert Carmody told the panel, the survey can help determine which schools are most effectively getting the message across about sex education and allow other schools to follow their example.

“Research data could allow for further policy development and administrative decision making at the state and local levels.”

West Monroe Sen. Mike Walsworth opposes the legislation and says schools aren’t doing enough with sexual education but this isn’t the way to go about it.

“And to say that no one is doing this, anything back home at all and that we have to have this sex survey for anybody to do anything is just absolutely not true.”

St. Tammany Parish resident Sarah Woods says this survey will not do anything to stop the sex and drugs by students. She says we’re now reaping what we sowed when God was removed from schools.

“It numbs these children to the fact that government has no business invading his or her privacy by asking such intimate questions.”

Author of the legislation, Baton Rouge Rep. Patricia Smith, says we need to do something about teenage pregnancies and high rates of sexual diseases among teens.

“You talk about 13-year-olds with STDs, what about 10-year-olds that are having babies. That’s totally letting our children run rampant.”