A bill that would require movie theaters to use metal detectors was shot down in a House committee today. Prairieville Rep. Tony Bacala says this legislation creates a false sense of security. He says if someone wants to shoot up a movie theater, the first person to be killed is the 18-year-old minimum wage worker manning the metal detector.

“He’s not a security officer, he’s not an armed guard. The security features that you went through, the people who are manning those are men with guns who are trained to be law enforcement officers and trained to react.”

Author of the legislation, Shreveport Rep. Barbara Norton, says this bill is about protecting the lives of our loved ones. She was upset that many of her colleagues voted against the measure.

“Thank you members and thank you Mr. Bacala for not saving our children.”

The vote was 6-5 against the legislation. Bacala says the people who would work the metal detectors are not trained law enforcement officers and probably would work the concession stand the day before.

“I think it’s a false sense of security you’re putting. Just simply having a piece of mechanical device there doesn’t do anything.”