Family and friends of Austin Rivault are publicly reaching out to Judge Edward Rubin to "correct" his actions when he re-sentences Seth Fontenot Thursday.

A billboard near the intersection of Johnston Street and Camelia Boulevard states in bold lettering, "Dear Judge Rubin, Please Get It Right This Time!"

Signed by "Austin Rivault and Concerned Citizens of Acadiana," the billboard also includes a picture of Rivault.

The message aimed at Rubin is in reaction to his sentencing of Seth Fontenot which many though was lenient. Rubin sentenced Fontenot to three years in prison, with all but 13 months suspended for Rivault's death and the injuring of two other teens.

Lawyers in both sides of the case claimed the sentence is illegal because sentences for manslaughter, and other violent crimes, cannot be suspended.

Fontenot will be re-sentenced Thursday.