Two events happening over a two-day period have brought about many reactions worldwide and locally, respectively: the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the Lafayette shooting early Sunday morning.


Bishop Michael Jarrell

Pope Benedict XVI's resignation came as a surprise to people all over the world, even Bishop Michael Jarrell with the Diocese of Lafayette, although the Bishop did note that the Pope has hinted at the possibility in the past. It's a move that Bishop Jarrell respects:

This act took great courage and I admire him for it...he has served the Church well in various offices all of his adult life.

Bishop Jarell then went on to talk about what the next step is for the Catholic Church - finding a successor:

It will be difficult to find a replacement who matches him in learning, insight and wisdom.  His successor will bring his own gifts and talents to the ancient See of Peter, as the challenge of the implementation of the Decrees of the Second Vatican Council continues to be the primary agenda of the Church.

Bishop Jarrell also turned his thoughts toward the weekend shooting involving one dead 15-year-old, two other 15-year-olds in the hospital and one 18-year-old behind bars. He says his "heart is greatly saddened" by the recent shooting and the death it brought about:

I extend sincere sympathy to the family of Austin Rivault, who died as a result of his wounds.  May he rest in peace.

The Bishop also went on to extend his sympathies to those that are still dealing with this shooting, both physically and emotionally:

I pray for the students who were wounded, for their families and for all who are affected by this tragic incident.  I pray for God's gift of peace in the hearts of all in the community.