Privacy attorney Scott Vernick joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" today and discussed "Event Data Recorders" also known as black boxes.  Vernick said "some model cars produced since 1996 already have black boxes" and they have been used in some accident investigations.  Congress is mandating that by 2015 all cars be equipped with the data recorders to track vehicle speed, airbag deployments, and pedal application a few seconds before and after impact.

Vernick said the boxes will only record events before, during and after an accident but still presents some privacy issues.  According to Vernick the data belongs to the car owner and can only be retrieved with the owners permission unless a government action or emergency occurs.

At present some insurance companies offered to reduce insurance rates for vehicles equipped with data recorders but Vernick fears the program will be expanded to infringe on our rights.

Listen to the interview with Vernick: