I had one of those moments this morning that you don't want to have.  I got the call at 4:30 telling me that the Colorado Shooting had taken place.  With 12 dead and nearly 60 injured in the mass shooting, you have many thoughts that go through your head.  Also, since I have family in Colorado, I wondered if they were safe before I heard about where it happened.  Fortunately, everyone is okay.

I really debated about writing about the shooting, with images and moments so etched in our minds from what happened, but I am noticing something else happening that really needs addressed.  That would be the general blame that goes around when something like this happens.  Blame has been cast on gun control, Warner Brothers, the producer and director of the "Dark Knight" trilogy of movies, actors, Hollywood, media, movie theaters and even Rush Limbaugh.  Blame belongs to none of these.  Ultimately, what has taken place has been something that one person decided to do for whatever reason.  They made the decision to buy or steal guns, put on a mask and walk up and down aisles shooting people as they scrambled to escape.  Blaming people that were not directly involved does nothing but take up space and use up oxygen.

Rather than spend time speculating on the shooting and what happened and why, maybe we need to take it as a call to do something better.  Maybe we need to show everyone that when something this horrible happens, we know how to band together and do something that helps out the community at large.  Yes, maybe your blood donation won't get to Colorado, but it can be used here and in a variety of ways to save lives everyday.  You can certainly offer condolences to those that were involved as so many are doing today.

The one thing that needs to take place is giving those involved space to grieve and recover.  They don't need our pointing finger.  They do need our prayers.