Beloved southern ice cream company Blue Bell took all of their product off shelves nationwide after a listeria outbreak at one of their facilities earlier this year. Five to six million gallons of ice cream were destroyed, and over 2,500 employees were laid off.

People in the south love their Blue Bell Ice Cream. LOVE. And we have been waiting patiently to see if it would make a triumphant return. According to the first batch of Blue Bell Ice Cream is being cranked up at their Alabama facility as we speak, and 'the return to store shelves will come when the facilities have their freezers full and the transportation staff recalled to handle the deliveries'. This will mainly be a test, to make sure everything is running smoothly, and is safe for public consumption. No date has been set for a return to retail facilities, but heartbroken Blue Bell fans are waiting for their favorite frozen treats to be available as soon as possible. Yay, Blue Bell!

Read more about the return of Blue Bell, and get ready for the stampede when it gets back on the shelves here in Acadiana, ya'll!