Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana has a new way for its members to make an informed decision when it comes to getting a medical procedure. It’s called SmartShopper and David Hochheiser says it’s available on the Blue Cross website.
"It's a tool where they can go online and look for commonly done procedures and compare costs at a number of different locations that are close to where the register or live."

Hochheiser says for example, if a Blue Cross member is told they need a colonoscopy, SmartShopper, can help the customer see how much it costs at nearby hospital or clinics.

"You could go on and say here's a series of places that I can get the colonoscopy performed and what the difference in the cost of those services will be."

Hochheiser says if a customer needs an MRI they can use SmartShopper and they’ll likely notice a wide range in costs for the same medical service. He says this tool will help patients make an informed decision.

"Is this going to be a service that costs me $500, is this going to be a service that is going to cost me $1,000 or is this going to be a service that's going to cost me $10,000?"