56 Hope Road, a Bahamas based company that oversees the estate of Bob Marley, has filed suit with Baton Rouge based Raising Canes over the chicken finger restaurant's use of the slogan "One love".

Bob Marley; Twitter

The suit, filed Friday, December 6 in Massachusetts claims Raising Canes' used "One love" in their advertising without consulting the Marley estate. The suit claims Rasing Canes "willful and deliberate" use of the "one love" trademark violates trademark infringement, false association, trademark dilution, cancellation of the aforementioned trademark registrations, common law trademark infringement, and intentional interference with advantageous business relations.

In a recently released statement, franchise CEO Todd Graves said Raising Cane’s will continue to defend their rights to use the phrase that they obtained a trademark for in 2005, and have used without conflict.

Raising Cane’s looks forward to proving our position in court, putting this matter behind us and continuing to pursue our ONE LOVE — serving our communities our quality chicken finger meals

56 Hope Road, the company run by Marley's children and widow Rita, is seeking to-be-determined damages, attorney fees, and profits made using the "One love" phrase.

[Via WAFB, Spin Magazine]