It was a package of bills that would have made some changes to Louisiana's video poker laws, but Governor Bobby Jindal decided that he was going to veto that package of bills.  It has been reported that the conservative Louisiana Family Forum asked Governor Jindal to get rid of the bills.

In a letter sent to Governor Bobby Jindal, Family Forum leader Gene Mills argued that the package of video poker bills would have allowed for deregulation in that industry.  Governor Jiindal agreed with what the Family Forum had to say, and he worried too that the bills would have weaken current gambling laws in Louisiana.
One part of the package of bills would have gotten rid of the mandatory license revocation requirement for a video poker operator who has three or more violations.  The revocation would be allowed for the violations when they are for letting people under the age of 21 play video poker.

Another part of the package of bills would have gotten rid of the fuel sale requirements for truck stops.  If that would have happened then any truck stop that has video poker machines would have been able to keep them without the fuel requirements.