A contract worker from Texas has been arrested after allegedly calling in a bomb threat at the Geismar plant where he was in town working.

Gonzales Police Department spokesman Sgt. Stephen Nethken says 18-year-old Trenton Osburn of Baytown was in town working for CB&I, according to Louisiana Radio Network. The call was allegedly made on May 22nd to the home office for CB&I in Gonzales from a blocked number.

"This threat was basically along the lines of 'you have 30 minutes to evacuate the William Olefin's' which is the plant where the contractor was working," said Nethken.

Nethken says the call was then traced to Osburn once it was realized the threat was a fake.

"During the interrogation he ended up admitting to placing the phone call saying it was hot that day and he needed a break from work," said Nethken.

1500 employees were evacuated that day at the Williams Olefins plant. Osburn is charged with terrorizing.