We are certainly used to being nationally recognized here in Acadiana, but it doesn't stop us from being excited when something cool pops up in a respected magazine about our food, music, art, or people. And this time it's a little bit of all of those! Lafayette is being featured in the upcoming issue of Bon Appetit in an article called 'An Actually Useful Guide to Lafayette, Louisiana'.

This awesome piece directs us to some of our favorite places around town that serve delicious cajun cuisine and beverages, current hot spots, and traditional local favorites. Some of these include Parish Brewing Company for handcrafted brews, The Rusted Rooster for breakfast, Carriage House Hotel for a locally owned boutique hotel in a central location, Acadiana Center for the Arts for fantastic exhibits during Art Walk, Pamplona Tapas Bar for handmade craft cocktails, and so much more!

Check out the whole article, and thanks to our friends at Bon Apetit for the nod to our awesome culture here in Lafayette!