At least seven people have tires that were blown out today and last night after a pothole on Bonin got bigger in all the heavy rain.  Youngsville Mayor Wilson Viator says the road is going to be closed now, and they will only allow local traffic.

Viator says for he believes that speed is a factor with so many people getting flat tires last night and this morning.  He tells KPEL, "We are going to close the road.  We are only going to allow local traffic on Bonin Road between Highway 92 and Fortune Road.  I'm sorry, but people will not slow down, so that is what we must do."

Viator says they have had police in that area watching for drivers speeding, but speed continues to be a factor in why so many tires are going flat.  He says there is so much construction, that in order to be safe, they are going to close down that section of road.

Viator tells KPEL the widening of the roadway means that drivers are only suppose to be driving at 15 miles per hour in that area, but many drivers are not obeying the signs.  He says people will have to find another way to get to where they are going.

He says the widening project will still take a few months and then they will be widening Chemin Metairie Road as well.  He cautions drivers to remember to go the speed limit in any zone, but especially in a construction zone.

Viator says drivers are going to have to continue to be patient and find another route while the work is completed.