This past Friday saw the release of the prequel to "The Wizard of Oz," "Oz The Great And Powerful." While critics are divided on whether it's great, powerful, both, or neither, the movie's existence has inspired a neat article that allows you to figure out, with some scientific accuracy, whether or not a twister could actually transport your house to the land of Oz.

David Cross, a writer for Movoto Blog, a blog dedicated to "The Lighter Side of Real Estate," used the following criteria to determine if a house could actually be lifted and carried by the winds of a tornado.

  • Figure out the size and weight of Dorothy’s farmhouse
  • Learn as much about tornadoes as possible
  • Make magic
If you'd like to know if your house could make the trip, use the app Cross created below to find out. You can also click here to read the entire article.

By Movoto