It's time once again to gather together and celebrate bosses with Newstalk 96.5 KPEL.  You too can be a part of it by signing up to have you and your boss and a guest for each of you come and enjoy and evening of good food and fun with your friends at KPEL on Tuesday, October 23rd at 6pm.  We will gather together at the Petroleum Club in Lafayette for an evening of great food and we'll hear from C.L. Bryant, an ordained Baptist Minister that has had a life changing experience that he wants to share with you.  As a former NAACP chapter President, Bryant began to see that people with different views on issues on the left were not welcome.  He began to see that there were values of freedom that needed to be protected.  Bryant is a regular guest on Mornings with Ken and Bernie and we are honored to have him come and share a message that  many, including Herman Cain, Glenn Beck and others have responded to.  Bryant has made a movie that is making waves all over America, called Runaway Slave.

All you do to be nominated is fill out the form below with your name, contact information and the name of your boss and the company you work for.  Also tell us in a few words why you want to enjoy the evening with your boss.

We'll pick 20 winners who will join us for the evening.  You can come along with a guest and your boss will come and bring a guest as well.