BOSTON (AP) — Former Boston mob boss "Whitey" Bulger could get life in prison when he is sentenced in November, after today's convictions in Boston in connection with a string of 11 killings and dozens of other gangland crimes.

But even a modest term could amount to a life sentence for the 83-year-old.

He showed no reaction when the verdict was read. But afterward, he turned to his relatives and gave them a thumbs-up.

Outside the courtroom, relatives of the victims hugged each other, the prosecutors and even defense attorneys.

Patricia Donahue wept, saying it was a relief to see Bulger convicted in the murder of her husband. Authorities say he was an innocent victim who died in a hail of gunfire while giving a ride to an FBI informant who had been marked for death by Bulger.

Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz said, "This day of reckoning has been a long time in coming."

Bulger attorney J.W. Carney said Bulger intends to appeal because the judge didn't let him argue that he'd been granted immunity for his crimes by a prosecutor who has since died. But the attorney said Bulger was pleased with the trial and its outcome, because he wanted to see 'government corruption" exposed.