Congressmen Landry and Boustany

Congressmen Charles Boustany and Jeff Landry both voted in favor of H.R. 2560, the Cut, Cap and Balance Act of 2011.

Congressman Landry says, “For decades, Washington has squandered the wealth of the American people and spent more than it takes in. Continuing this practice and kicking the can down the road only guarantees that our next generation will be unable to live the American Dream,” said Landry. “In order to help create jobs and get our debt under control – we must cut spending immediately, cap future spending, and balance Washington’s budget.”

“Weeks ago I was one of the first members to sign the Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge so I was pleased to finally have an opportunity to co-sponsor and vote for the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act today,” continued Landry. “H.R. 2560 will cut spending this year, provide a hard cap for expenditures in the future, and require the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment prior to increasing the nation’s debt limit.”

“H.R. 2560 protects Americans from an out of control government, but it’s only words on paper unless it is passed in the Senate and signed by the President,” declared Landry. “That is why I encourage the American people to contact their Senators and urge them to vote for this bill. This is the only way to make sure today’s vote actually matters for our future generations.”

The bill aggressively cuts spending by $111 billion in FY 2012 without affecting veteran, Medicare, or Social Security payments. It caps spending based upon historic levels rather than the record spending of the Obama Administration, and guarantees a vote in the House on the Balanced Budget Amendment. Despite strong support from Americans calling for a solution to the debt crisis, President Obama has vowed to veto the bill.


"This vote demonstrates Republicans understand we must put our fiscal house in order. We have presented a bold, credible strategy to pull America back from the brink of financial calamity, while Democrats want to raise taxes and risk another recession," Boustany said.

"It’s time for Congress to stop ducking its responsibilities to the American people, and get our spending problem under control. This shows Republicans are serious about restoring American competitiveness, American credibility, and American confidence," says Boustany.