Washington, DC – U.S. Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., MD (R-Southwest Louisiana) today issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s address to the nation on the budget.

“The speech from President Obama contains his usual lofty rhetoric but his proposal lacks meaningful, substantive solutions to deal with our spending and national debt,” Boustany said. “The debt imperils our economic and national security, and while the President claims to be stepping up to the plate, Congress has already made the first real efforts to get us back on the path to economic prosperity.
President Obama says it is time to live within our means, but the White House budget spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much. The American people have loudly demanded spending cuts in our federal government, and the $38 billion to which we agreed is the first step.  Rep. Paul Ryan has a plan to move this country forward, promote American competitiveness and enhance our national and economic security.”
In recent weeks, Boustany voted to cut billions from the federal government, and plans to work with colleagues to reform the tax code. “This is only the beginning of our efforts to enact the changes the American people demand,” Boustany said. “I will keep fighting for the people of Acadiana and Southwest Louisiana to make the cuts needed and get our economy back on track.”