U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany does not believe the U.S. will reach an acceptable agreement with Iran over that country's nuclear program.

Boustany, who joined "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning," said "when the thing collapses...it has to be seen around the world...that this is Iran's fault and not ours."

Boustany said he agreed with the intent of a letter sent by members of the U.S. Senate which explains to Iran that any deal reached would essentially be an executive agreement and could be revoked by any future president or Congress.

"You can not create a deal like this without going to Congress," Boustany said. Because of sanctions on Iran which originated from the House, Boustany said Congress would have to change U.S. law in order to make any potential deal work.

"Congress certainly needs to keep its eye on what this administration is doing with these negotiations because we will not accept a bad deal," Boustany said.

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