Congressman Charles Boustany and Congressman Jeff Landry both stopped by the KPEL studios today to talk about what they are seeing as they travel around the area to witness the effects of Hurricane Isaac.

When Congressman Boustany talked about the federal government offering assistance, he said

Congress will certainly weigh in after we see what the assessments look like.  Our delegation in the state will certainly weigh in, but it's always a struggle dealing with the federal bureaucracy.

Congressman Jeff Landry stopped by to talk about the weather that he had seen.  Landry said that the areas on the east side of the storm are being impacted greatly.  Landry said of the storm in Acadiana,

I'm thinking that we're going to dodge a bullet.  I hope so.  We're going to have localized flooding.  It will serve as a great reminder of the type of storms that we get in this area.  Maybe we can go back and assess where we have weak links in our flood protection systems and how we improve them.

Check out the complete conversation with Congressman Charles Boustany below:

Check out the complete conversation with Congressman Jeff Landry below: