Congressman Charles Boustany visited 'Mornings with Ken and Bernie' today to discuss President Obama's upcoming "State of the Union" speech tonight.

When asked if it would be difficult to remain awake during the "State of the Union" Congressman Boustany replied,

Well, he has a tendency to go on and on.  It's a catalog of everything he's ever wanted.  A liberal Democrat's catalog or 'wish list'.   But we'll see what he says tonight.  I'm hopeful that he will give us something on Keystone.  I'm not optimistic.  It's absolutely ridiculous that this has gone on as long as it has.

With the current winter storm slamming the nation's mid-section there is growing shortage of natural gas for heating and we asked if people in other states were finally getting the message that the petroleum industry is good for the country.  Boustany said,

Bottom line, Ken, we are seeing the very beginnings of a major energy revolution that is starting in this country.  It's ridiculous to not allow for drilling on federal lands both for shale formations and conventional work and also to expedite the leasing process.  Not only on the deep water areas offshore but on the continental shelf...This is a job creator.

There has been talk that President Obama will make clear his intentions to use his executive powers to sidestep Congressional action.  According to Boustany,

This goes right to the heart of the Constitution and I think it's something that I think Republicans and Democrats sought to be livid about because Congress has the role specified in the Constitution under Article One to create law.  It's the role of the Presidency and the Executive Branch to execute the law and not make law.  This has been a problem with the Obama Administration.  It was a problem with previous Presidents but it's gotten worse.

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