Congressman Charles Boustany

7th District Congressman Charles Boustany joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today to talk about the latest with fiscal matters in Washington. As Boustany explains there will be plenty to investigate when they return from their recess.

House members head back to Washington D.C. this coming Tuesday, and Boustany says the new fiscal year will not start off with a federal government shutdown. There was talk it would happen after Senators did not like a measure sent from the house dealing with funding. After what has been described as a bitter partisan dispute, they did vote to approve a bipartisan compromise to extend government funding beyond today, the official end of the fiscal year. Boustany says now it is up to House members to figure out exactly what is going on with numbers.

In global news today, a cleric who American officials say influenced several terror plots against the U.S. was killed. The man, Anwar al-Awlaki was born in America, was an imam at a Virginia mosque, but now Yemeni officials confirm al-Awlaki was killed "along with some of his companions." There's no word yet on who killed him. Congressman Boustany says it is hard to believe an American could turn on fellow Americans.