Congressman Paul Boustany joined Bernie and Brandon on 'Acadiana's Morning' news via phone this morning and offered his thoughts on a wide range of topics, including his opinion of Paul Ryan's capability as newly - appointed Speaker of the House of Representatives and the short - term extension of the highway trust fund.

When asked if he favored Ryan in the role as House Speaker, Boustany said 'Paul’s very capable, I support him. I told him we need to unify our party. There’s a lot of discord between our presidential candidates on the Republican side, divisions between Republican Congress and the House. Pauls’ a guy who can unify us and he’s off to a pretty good start.'

Boustany expressed his satisfaction with the extension of the short - term extension of the highway trust fund, explaining that 'this extension allows us to take up a 6 year highway bill. The policy will streamline a very convoluted process that’s already in place to improve highway construction. It's a good bill but the financing is not good and we’ll continue to debate that with the Senate. By the end of December,  we will have in place a good  well thought through 6 year highway bill that's financed appropriately and will help us rebuild our aging infrastructure.'

Click the picture above to listen to the full interview with Congressman Boustany.