On this Halloween morning our "Wingin' It Wednesday" panelists Carol Ross, Mike Stagg, and Warren Caudle stopped by "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" eager to discuss tonight's big debate between congressmen Boustany and Landry.

Here's what they had to say:

1.  The much awaited Boustany-Landry debate will happen tonight on KPEL.  Do you think the debate will help or hurt either candidate?

Carol Ross started us off,

I think this is a great thing. I really believe radio will be a much better medium to get facts out without worrying about the optics. I urge everyone to listen carefully to what the candidates have to say. I think this will be the one debate where people will really get some in-depth information.

Mike Stagg countered:

I might listen in just for entertainment value. I think Jeff Landry is in the vandal class of the House. No interest in the government, just trying to create as much destruction as he can. Government by stunt, you know, "drilling equals jobs".

They're both pathological liars about the president. I really don't care which one makes the runoff, but I really think there will be a runoff.

Neither one of these guys is about this district, they're both about national politics and which wing of the party they're with. I know congressman Boustany, I ran against him a few years ago, he's a different person an he was when he went to Washington. They aren't about the district I don't think they'll be a lot of offer for the voters other than the lay of the land for what the fight over the National Republican party will be over the next few year

Warren Caudle countered:

At this stage in the game i think most people minds are made up You start talking about facts in these types of things and both sides have their own set of facts and both of them can argue them.

I think it's unfortunate that this thing has spiraled down to the depth that it has. The way national politics has been formed over the last serval years it's turned into gorilla warfare over these consultants.I do hope tonight's debate has more of a civil tone about the issues and what is going on.

2.  Despite his support for Mitt Romney, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has praised the Obama Administration for the handling of Hurricane Sandy saying, “I have to say, the administration, the president himself and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate have been outstanding with us so far."  Aside from this comment from Christie do you think Hurricane Sandy will have any effect on the Presidential election?

Mike Stagg started:

I think it already has. The impact being it's brought up Romney's earlier statement about wanting to privatize the Federal Emergency Management Response as he's said a number of times in during the Republican primaries. FEMA was ready, just like they were ready before hurricane Isaac earlier this year.

Only the federal government has the size and scale to respond to a disaster this size. People rely on, count on the federal government being there in a response to a disaster. They have been there. We don't know if they will be there under a Romney administration.

Warren responded:

I don't think it's going to make much difference at all. However, it does bring out the halloween stunts a little bit early. I couldn't believe Michael Brown's statement about the federal government jumping in too quick too soon. You've already been labeled as a nincompoop. Just shut up. All you're doing is giving fuel to the flames for people like Mike Stagg and the Democrats.

I think Christie is being honest, but on the other hand they've had enough practice over the last 10 years to be getting it right. God only knows when you look at the thing the federal government is probably the least effective at doing stuff like this, yeah they have the resources, but generally it is the charities and other local groups.

Will this thing having any effect on the election, I don't think so.

Carol Ross commented:

Chris Christie is many things but he's not stupid. He's not going to insult the president while he's got his hand out to get his state rebuilt.

You hate to see this kind of thing get politicized. This is a human tragedy on an epic scale. Romney has stated, "The states are in the best position to aid affected individuals". He's not talking about doing away with FEMA, but let's talk about who has. President Obama's proposal for the upcoming budget sequester would cut nearly 900 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Romney hasn't cut a darn thing, but Obama's proposed to cut over 900 million.

3.  Cracks in Greece's coalition government are likely to be tested on Wednesday when lawmakers are set to vote on a privatization bill. The new law would give the government broader powers to privatize public utilities.  With our continuing budget woes do you think America is heading down the same road?

Warren started:

We are headed to perilous times if things aren't done with our deficit. The problem is that inflation hits so high and the people that are going to be killed on this is the old folks, like most of us in this room. The same thing is going to happen here if things don't change. You've got people on different kinds of retirement programs and they're not going to be increased to the rate of inflation.

I do think that we need some serious look at our tax policy, at the federal reserve, and about government spending. It's bi-partisan and we need to talk it. Are we heading the same way Greece is? Perhaps.

Carol responded:

Are we headed the way of Greece? Well it all depends on November 6th, doesn't it. Both parties have been culpable in congress, but not like the past 4 years. This spending has been on steroids under this administration.

Can it happen here? Oh yes it can, and with the devaluation of the dollar many of the feds are having a good time devaluating our dollar to the point that we are in perilous times right now. think so.

Mike commented

I do agree with Carol cause if Mitt Romney is elected we will have an economic catastrophe in the United States because the debt will explode so much with his tax cut and no plans to pay for it.

Social Security and Medicare are not entitlement programs. They are pay-your-way programs.

Privatization is not going to lower the cost of operating the government of Greece. Privatization does not save money. It transfers ownership. Look no further than Baton Rouge. Closing Earl K Long hospital is driving up the costs of Medicade in region two, because in order to get private hospitals to take those patients they had to guarantee them higher rates of compensation. Privatization does not save money.

Now it's your turn to tell us what you think about today's Wingin' It Wednesday topics. Who got it right, who got it wrong, and who was way off? Let us know in the comment section.