On this edition of  "Wingin' It Wednesday" panelists Carol Ross, Mike Stagg, and Warren Caudle stopped by "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" and discussed the increasingly contentious congressional election between Congressmen Boustany and Landry, as well as the most recent presidential debate. Here's what the panel had to say:

1. Can the Boustany - Landry election get any messier?

Mike Stagg began,

Yes, I'm sure it can get messier, yes I"m sure it will get messier. You have one camp that's desperate and will do anything to win, and the desperate camp is the Boustany camp. I'm sure it will get messier, I'm sure it will get stranger, and this is just a sign of things to come.

Carol Ross added:

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm supporting Boustany, but I have nothing against congressman Landry.

What really is disturbing is that it has gotten to this point, that it's causing problems all the way across the boards for many people who are very confused at this point about what's what. I will say this, although congressman Landry was an incumbent, the majority of this district was not his. So he had to damage the incumbent who was Congressman Boustany.

On the other hand, I think there should be a full open debate, and Congressman Boustany should debate Congressman Landry and all the others in the race. The question was can it get any messier? I'm afraid it can.

Warren Caudle countered:

I would say this about the Boustany and Landry race, the unfortunate thing is I think it's so representative of politics in America today. I think it's happened because political consultants have taken over these campaigns. They look at themselves as gorilla fighters and their deal is not to promote anybody but try to destroy the competition. It was actually taken to an art by Lee Atwater, James Carville, and Carl Rove.

The candidates in so many cases have no say so, and the statistics show that negative advertising works, and I guess if what they say is if little bit works a who lot will work a whole lot more, but where is the end to all of this?

2.. Your take on the Presidential debate.

Carol started:

So many lies, so little time. Really? No apology tour really. There's evidence of it all over the place. Audio and video.  No devastating cuts in defense spending? Please.  And he didn't propose sequestration? Even Carl Woodward nailed that one.

The aggregate of all three debates is really quite interesting, although in the past debates have not seemed to move the needle to far, but in this case, when you had a complicate media not telling the real story about Mitt Romney, not telling the real story more importantly about President Obama's record. You had a man like Mitt Romney having to sell himself to the American people without the filter of the media intervening. You got to see the real Mitt Romney and the real President Obama, disengaged, arrogant, and snarky. I think that came across to the American people loud and clear.

Warren countered:

I came away from it thinking Barack Obama was either a pathological liar or the man is completely delusional.

I thought that Romney made a couple of mistakes and one of them was when he brought up the 1970 Navy. That's been debunked months ago, but who is Obama to say anything about the military? The man has never even been a patrol leader in the boy scouts and he touts himself as the "Commander In Chief" "I put people in harm's way" I wanted to throw up in my mouth when he said that.

The foreign policy is an absolute failure, the problem is I think what Romney put forward is a continuation of what we got.

The foreign policy is an absolute failure, the problem is I think what Romney put forward is a continuation of what we got.

Mike Stagg commented:

What we saw Monday night was a man who was clearly out of his league.  Mitt Romney did not know who borders Iran. Didn't know the geography of the Middle East.  Didn't know the situation of the military or the way it was organized. He actually ended up agreeing with many of the President's foreign policies. His basic take was "I'll do what he's doing, I'll just not be him".

It was a strong night for the president. He was assertive, he was commanding, he was restrained in the face of a guy who was out of his league in the case of foreign policy.

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