You just have to click on this.

I saw a story on the Fox news website today about a little boy from Louisiana named Josh Breaux.

It just warmed my heart.

Back on May 30, a lady named Hollie Breaux Mallet put a :16 second clip of surveillance footage of her open garage on Facebook to see if anyone knew the boy coming into her garage. He had done it more than once.

The video shows a little boy getting off his bycycle.  You worry that something bad might happen because he runs toward a dog in the garage. But, no worries, because Josh is sweetheart!

Nothing bad happens at all! It's just super sweet.

He runs up to the dog, hugs and pets him quickly, and then he runs back to his bike.

It's just too sweet.

According to the Fox News website story, the little boy's name is Josh, and his mom Ginger Clement Breaux says that their dog Bella died about a year ago.

Josh had the dog, named Bella, since he was two.

Hollie Mallet wants to know who the boy is not to warn him away, but to let him know he can come over anytime to hug and pet on the dog.

I just love a good news story all around. Don't you?

The boy's mother says she did explain to her son that he can't just run up on somebody's property without permission and thankfully Mallet is a lady who understands.

I just love dogs, and while I wouldn't go into someone's garage to pet their dog, I sure know I would be tempted to do it. I truly believe dogs are a gift from God.

I am trying to find out from Mallet whether or not Josh has a play with her dog anytime soon. I'll let you know what I find out!