Newly elected Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome announces new policies aimed towards preventing unnecessary lethal force by police officers. Broome says these changes to the department’s use of force policy stem from last July’s officer involved shooting of Alton Sterling.

“Officers are required to give a verbal warning before using deadly force except where there are exigent circumstances. Officers are required to deescalate situations when possible.”

Broome says officers are also prohibited from shooting at a moving vehicle unless the vehicle or people inside pose an immediate threat to others. She says many of these methods are taught to police officers at the academy.

“But there is a difference between training and then putting this in policy. So now it becomes policy and policy represents accountability.”

There is speculation that Broome will replace Police Chief Carl Dabadie. But Broome says she’s not ready to make a change with the current leader of the police force.

“The chief and I continue to have very productive and progressive conversations. He knows my desire in terms of a change and we are working towards a resolution.”