On NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL's 'Brand Buzz' this week Jaci Russo discussed a new local business that has done things right. According to Jaci,

Brand Buzz is really about a local company that just started up out of the blue, came out of nowhere Urbano's Taqueria on Pinhook in the shopping center just south of Kaliste Saloom, right across from Poupart's Bakery.

I'm amazed by what they've managed to accomplish.

Urbano's Taqueria has done a great job with social media and as 'full disclosure' Russo said,

We don't do any work for these people I don't even know the people that own it. I've eaten there and I'm amazed by what they've managed to accomplish.

What has made Urbano's Taqueria unique according to Jaci,

With very little advertising...using social media, having a difference from the other's. They don't sound and feel like anybody else and having some fantastic food in their second week they've got a line out the door and down the block. Traffic that most restaurants that have been here for quite a few years would kill for...First and foremost, they are different.

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