On NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL's 'Brand Buzz' this week Jaci Russo stated that sometimes the first idea is not always the best idea. According to Jaci,

The questions should be, is there a way to make it better? Is there a way to update? The process become a 'mind trust' idea. It's not just about creative ideas, it's about logical ideas. How do you connect with your consumers and build your brand in a way that will endear you to them?

As an example Jaci cited the over photoshopping of models in fashion magazines.

There's been a lot of backlash for magazines especially health and beauty magazines that are adjusted models in ways that are not anatomically correct. They're removing a rib and adding a thigh gap.

Adjustment of model's bodies with an excess of Photoshop is wrong for a magazine's brand according to Jaci,

If we're building a brand it's gotta be based on who you actually are. This is the equivalent of going to school the first day pretending you have an English accent and having to carry it off for the next four years even though you've never left Cankton.

You can glean a lot more information from the discussion by listening to the entire interview. Click on the blue arrow below to hear more of what Jaci had to say:

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