On NewsTalk 96.5's 'Brand Buzz' this week Jaci Russo discussed an info-graphic she discovered that listed the top 10 reasons businesses fail.

According to Russo,

For the last six years now we keep coming in every week and talking about the things you need to do to make yourself successful. Maybe we need a little 'gut check'.  You know, step back and see 'do you want to open this restaurant because one time you ate at this restaurant'? Or should you do a little more research, a little more work before you jump in with both feet?

Russo noted,

This is something everybody needs to go through. The ten things that cause failures in business. These things don't just effect start-ups it can effect all companies in one way or another, launching a new product, moving into a new market, etc.

Getting into the actual info-graphic Russo started with the number 10 item on the list of reasons businesses fail. She said,

The number ten reason for a failure is low sales. That seems obvious. Obviously you have to figure why you have low sales. That's going to be a major contributing factor. So if that's where you're trending, stop now before it's too late.

You can hear the other nine reasons businesses fail by listening to the entire conversation with Jaci. Click on the blue arrow below:

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