Facebook or Twitter? Snapchat or Instagram? Yelp? Flickr?

If the dizzying array of social media platforms has your head spinning, you are not alone.

Jaci Russo of Razor Branding said choosing a particular social media platform that is right for you or your business should be based on two things.

First, she said follow your audience. If your target audience is primarily using one site over another, your choice is clear.

Next, she said you should choose the platform that you are comfortable using. If you are not comfortable using one site, perhaps getting help from someone who is could be a wise decision.

Russo said a great way to get familiar with a platform that you're not accustomed to using is by observing how other companies in your area use social media.

Snapchat is emerging as an important part of social media circles and Russo said the companies that use it successfully are lifestyle brands that have a true connection with their audience.

Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are more catered to a visual audience. If you can advertise with plenty of pictures, Pinterest and Instagram will suit you.

Facebook is the "oldie-but-goodie" platform on the list. Russo said millennials still flock to Facebook. But baby boomers have caught on very quickly, as well.

Linked-In is the most professionally-minded site on the list. If you are looking for a long-lost classmate, or a crock-pot recipe, Russo said this is not where to look. Linked-In is strictly professional. Build and maintain a profile on this site if you are looking for a job, or if you own your own business. But keep it classy.