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How Community Involvement Can Invigorate Your Brand

When it comes to community involvement, there is no way to fake it or pretend. You are either all in, or you’re not. But once you decide to really get involved, the rewards are endless.

Why Get Involved:
Besides helping the people around you, there is a brand-selfish reason to get involved in your community. To begin with, it provides an opportunity for you to meet new people and form relationships. It also gives you a chance view your community through a different lens, and in turn, it effects how they see you.

How to Get Involved:
A good way to begin is by finding a community organization that you’re interested in, and making sure it’s something you truly have a passion for. Think about your skill sets, the time you have to give and how you can best be of service. Finding a service organization that appeals to you will ensure that you don’t lose interest. And odds are, you’ll meet people who have the same passion and aspirations.

Your company may be made up of many people with many different interests and skill sets, strongly encourage your employees to become involved in their communities. Make sure you let them carve out time to represent your brand in the areas they feel need it most. Institute programs that encourage your team members to become supporters of the community as a whole.

The Actual Work Involved:
Let’s be clear: we’re not talking about just sitting on a board and approving budgets. We’re talking about putting in a little elbow grease and giving your time volunteering. Spending your time helping others in need will speak volumes about who you are and the company you represent. This shouldn’t be a “we’ll help when we can” thing.

This should be a “let’s help because we can” thing. Community involvement will change the face of your company for the better and help to develop a strong corporate culture you can be proud of.

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