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Crafting your Brand Voice Through your Message Matrix

Try an experiment at the beginning of this New Year.  Show people who are not intimately familiar with your brand and company a bit of your content (could be from a memo, social media, or an ad) with NO logo. Did they recognize you in your content?  Does your audience see your brand in your various channels and employees?  If not, it’s time to create or revisit your message matrix.

Speaking with one unifying voice is trickier than it sounds.  Getting your message consistent across all channels such as your website, Facebook, Twitter, and even internal memos and emails takes commitment, consistency and planning.

That’s where a message matrix can make your life easier.  It’s not just a communication tool, it’s a manuscript for your mission.  Effective communication starts at the top.  Creating a cohesive message and coming up with ways to stay on that message starts with you.

Start off 2017 by evaluating your current message structure. Gather everything from blogs and videos posts to web pages and lectures. Now it’s time to be critical of yourself.  Your goal is to whittle down your various voice examples to a small group that could have only come from your brand. Your unique voice.

Next, describe your voice to your employees and make sure they “get it.”  Write it down; create a manual.  That one voice that speaks to everyone must come through.  The consistency the message matrix creates will bring clarity to your brand.

Don’t forget to revisit your message matrix from time to time. Be sure the various materials you’re putting out into the world aren’t straying from your vision. But be open to change. Companies and brands evolve and change over time. Be sure your voice is a reflection of your progress.

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