The Olympics has been something that we have all had that "feeling" about as we have watched our athletes compete for gold.  But how is it that the IOC has been able to get everyone on board while at the same time watching their brand closely?  Jaci Russo stopped by The Afternoon Drive Home to talk about it and mentioned that those running the games are among the best at branding.  She said,

How is it that they have managed to grow their brand like they have, instill that emotional connection on all of us, keep us enraptured for two weeks every two years to the point that, that's all anybody's talking about and yet, they're kind of being jerks about it?

One of the things that they have been able to do is limit the use of their brand, from t-shirt vendors to athletes tweeting something that they didn't want to see.  See more of the e-book here and listen to the entire conversation between Jeremy and Jaci below: