Problems with transmissions, vehicle suspension and tires forced the Ford Motor Company to recall more than 260,000 vehicles on Wednesday. The company gave the official number is 261,890 vehicles in all.

Of that number, 184,000 Ford F-150 model years are included. It's the largest of the group and includes 2011 through 2012 models along with the 2012 Ford Expedition, Ford Mustang and Lincoln Navigator.

The potential problem with the transmissions on these vehicles may suddenly force the vehicle to downshift into first gear. That could cause the rear tires to lock up or even slide on wet pavement. There have reportedly been three related accidents but no one was injured in the crashes.

Ford F-150, Ford Motor Company

As for the tire problems, it looks like the issue may have happened during the assembly of the trucks. A faulty conveyor belt seems to be to blame, leaving damaged tires on the vehicles that were eventually sent out to dealers.

The company says the first thing to do is to contact your local dealer or the dealership where you bought it. We'll have the latest information on the recall as it happens.