Because of health issues, Louisiana Public Service Chairman Clyde Holloway is not expected to run for re-election. The news broke on the “Moon Griffon Show” as Moon read a statement from Holloway himself.

"I am uncertain at this point whether I will be physically strong enough to serve the nearly one million constituents I represent at the LPSC for six more years."

In his statement, Holloway emphasized that he wanted to ensure ample time for conservative, free-market minded candidates to enter the race. There are only three weeks left until qualifying.

"This LPSC district stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to the woods of central Louisiana and is made up of hard-working people who are fighting for economic survival in a political climate that seems to favor taxes and big government over free enterprise and liberty,” says Holloway. “ I've fought my entire political life to help those who want an opportunity to work and compete.  I believe in the free market…I want to make sure there is enough time for folks who are willing to fight a liberal Obama type of agenda, to get in this race."

Holloway has served as one of five members of the Louisiana Public Service Commission since April 2009, when the body became the first statewide Republican elected body in Louisiana since Recontruction. He was elected Chairman in 2015.

But, Holloway’s career began long before his time on the PSC. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from 1987-1993 until Louisiana lost the district because of population loss/reapportionment in the census.

Holloway will finish out his current term.