Citizens in the town of Breaux Bridge will be asked to vote on a measure this December that will decide whether or not the town sells the city's natural gas distribution system. The measure is on the ballot December 8th.

The vote, if approved, would mean that Breaux Bridge would sell the city's natural gas distribution system to Atmos energy.

Breaux Bridge Mayor Jake Dale Delhomme says doing so would allow the company, and the city's services, to be run by a company that has been in business for years.  He says the company would have more experience.

Delhomme says the idea to sell the system came about when new federal regulations were discussed.  With the new regulations, the federal government will require whoever runs the system to have much closer management and maintenance of services.

The city's service has about 1,200 customers, and Atmos has about 600 customers in Breaux Bridge.